Iron In The Fire EP

by Diet Eugene

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Iron in the Fire EP is essentially a junk drawer emptied out & organized.


released November 5, 2013

I'd like to thank all of the people who have said, "Hey Lydia. I like what you do." to my face.



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Elliott Sharpe Minneapolis, Minnesota

imitation punk

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Track Name: dear america
America get yourself in gear
Don't fall to your side
Confess to your lies
Don't drown in your fears

America pay your people well
Don't abuse your wealth
Reach out to the crowd
Don't push us down

America you aren't that bad
Don't melt into molds
Use your army to do some good
Don't kill any souls

The revolution is coming if you ask too much
The revolution is coming if you forget about us
The revolution is coming if you can't stand up

The revolution is coming, and we'll rise again.

You see kids, when a country is in trouble, and the citizens don't agree with the state that the country is in, there will be a revolution, people will flip tables, and it'll get really nasty for awhile.

But when all of the nastiness is over, there is a real hope that something better will come from it. That's why revolutions start.'s a little bit like childbirth...if, uh...that's a gross analogy...nevermind...
Track Name: I'm Oak
The entire song is "sadness taking away my summer" with varying levels of punctuation.
Track Name: Flee The City
I want to wake up with somebody
I want to go some place new
I want to leave this city,
and run.

This city is so great,
its citizens are fine,
but I can't imagine staying here
for good.

My friends all live here
My friends are kind of great,
but they can visit me,
at a later date.

I'll be just fine,
I'll be on my way.
you won't even notice
the lack of my face.

I'll be just fine --> to the end of the song