Settling for Less

by Diet Eugene

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this album is about heartbreak, and new beginnings. :~)


released April 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Elliott Sharpe Minneapolis, Minnesota

imitation punk

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Track Name: A Song about Trains
There's a train coming your way
So y'better get out the way
If it comes any closer to you,
there's a chance you'll get hit.

If your blood was on those tracks,
I probably wouldn't cross them anymore,
which would really suck,
because that's the shortcut to work.

Then I'd need to cross the street,
which lacks an intersection,
so then I'd get struck by a car,
and we'd both be dead.

So please, don't get hit.
Track Name: At Ease
The old magazine on the rack
its colors are now faded.
I wonder when it came out
the thought it is irrelevant.
I'm sitting in a waiting room
with a bunch of sad people.
They're waiting for a therapist
to come and heal their wounds.
I am one of them
but I am not that sad.
I am writing this song to distract myself
from the thoughts that are on my mind.
I am one of them
but I am not that sad.
I am one of them
but I am not that sad.
Track Name: For The Best
I just cried because I remembered that you were in my life, but you're not anymore, and I miss you a lot. You're not the one I miss, I miss the person who you used to be. You're someone else now, you're not the same. We're not the same person, we couldn't get along to save someone's life, they'd surely die. But go back a couple of months, we'd be sitting together, and smiling big. We got along. It's funny how people change, sometimes we're not ready; it's for the best. Life goes on.
Track Name: Tons of Hugs
seven, ten, eleven, eight
let's meet up at the gate
we'll go down to the waterside.

at the bottom of the hill,
we'll meet up with sam & fred,
they'll teach us how to live,
then we'll give them tons of hugs.

peering at the top of the hill,
i saw a wooly sheep,
it made a scary noise,
and so I said RUN AWAY

sam and I were holding hands
as we ran away in fear,
he said goodbye to me,
at the point I knew my life had expired.

and then we'll give them tons of hugs.